Missing threads?


If you keep deleting threads this fast, there will be no forum left…


We don’t randomly delete threads. We do hide posts and threads that violate our forum guidelines, in order to keep this a friendly and constructive community.

Feedback is welcome - wild accusations and baseless bashing is not.


I don’t have access to a post I wrote… I also got no notification of it being deleted, or a reason why… I don’t see how this improves customer service, or the impression that feedback is valued.


Screenshots? I’m dying to know! Hehe


@PrincessJessa you see my comments in the state of the game 2018 thread?

Now imagine them, without my filter… :wink:


Lol, filter? Barely there… Ahahaha @Pixie_Mici


I have a filter.
Dear gosh, if you think I’m bad now, you should see when it slips


Nooooooo ooooooo… I don’t wanna! :stuck_out_tongue::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue::rofl: