Ok, I picked the 60 stamina that had 120 times. This is the second I have chosen this and did not get it. Pls assist and thks.

Totally sure?




If you are 100% sure that this didn’t happen…
Then @Master_Purple_III the only way forward is to submit a ticket in game.

Click on your avatar, scroll down to support and report it there.

Be aware, per blue will check the logs of your game data.
If they agree, they will send you them in a mailbox item.


You can send those spare shards bogging your acct. to me Pix :slight_smile:

That’s S9.
You should see s1

@Ar_Nisimalda :wink:

We don’t get those kind of rewards in server 1

No, we get 140 packs instead

For weekly rewards?

Max I get is one pack. Do some get special treatment?

Everyone is treated the same.

If you can be pestered, we can do a five picture comparison on Monday?

I usually do slightly different pic swaps , so this will be a change of pace…

Ok are you being sarcastic? I get maybe a couple stamina packs but not 140.

Honestly no sarcasm.
If I hadn’t have already collected my s1 account last week when I did this for this thread, it would have been a 140 stamina pack screenshot.

They Drastically improved the weekly rewards recently.
Is it possibly you just haven’t noticed?

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I have never seen that many, I always pick stamina packs.

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