Money offers are a ripoff

Again - 2 x €22 offers that are not even worth €1 and no main offer - timing on your offers PB is out of sync !! Make offers worth the money again! @Samm @Polaris

Or do I really need to start cursing to get your attention?!

:thinking: Buying diamonds can be the main deal, thus getting 3300 diamonds worth 2405 stam packs in shop, and a few goodies like 250 skill points. Not that bad, but if you wait for the right 4 am deal it can be more ofcourse.

Still a ripoff imo - and hidden away from mainscreen

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Ummm … don’t make the purchase maybe ?! None reward with cheese for … :laughing:

Uhm, I’m obviously not… what makes you think I would actually buy what I’m calling a ripoff? You ever seen some shouting RIPOFF - and than went ahead to go buy it anyway?
Your message makes no sence…
But If noone is going to say anything, PB is just cashing in more, u see?

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