More items we can buy with GOLD

It would be great if there were more items we could purchase with gold. Especially items we need, like Strength and Vitality, or the cool little Lucky Charm (that is now nonexistent), or, dare I say, XP?? It would be helpful in building our team of heroes. It would be especially helpful in the gold spending contests, when the only option is buying useless silver chests since you maxed all your skills after a cap raise. Thanks!

Craft items …
Can make billions off of the blue item i always use …
Leave one hero at base level and constantly farm that item during scrap contests using the correct level that gives purples and the blue
Then on gold spender craft said blue item as much as possible to garner more gold than the intial input
Craft costs 2-5k (i forget which) resale gives back 20k
Thus giving infinite money :joy::joy::joy:

Not for much longer :laughing:

Well, yes crafting spends gold. My point was more options for spending gold in game in addition to what is already there. The merchant shop is no help at all because it rarely has anything I need. I don’t need more gold, as I have billions. I just want spend it more conveniently, on things I really need.

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Maybe if they added a method to buy bulk items using gold instead of using stamina
Maybe 50 scraps for x amount of gold and make it once the stack is brought it replenishes without refresh
But to keep it perblue beneficial have it only show one item stack per day so they still get stamina purchases