My ascension wishlist

Recent toons are simply better than older toons. Beep Borp has a mass revive whilst grave wraith has a single revive. There are many more examples of this. I’m not saying that all “old” toons are bad. Heck, lion knight’s been solid for a long time. But, you certainly don’t see twin trackers, a once groundbreaking hero, very much, even before ascension.

That makes it very sad, in my opinion, that faceless one and brook guard are ascending before the whole campaign squad is able to ascend. The idea of ascension is to resurface old metas. So, here’s a list of “classic” heroes I’d love to see added to the ascension pool.

Brutal Axe can revive, gain attack when his allies die, and deal lots of damage whilst healing from his purple skill. He would be far better with a stat increase and ascension.

Howling Claw (a personal favorite) can deal great damage, get more powerful as the battle goes on, and heal himself. He would be much better with a stat increase and an ascension. Also, I think he would be better if his green skill was “Life steal”.

Forest Hermit (another personal favorite) can shield allies and give them energy. He would be far better with an increase to the shielding from his white skill, and the energy given to his allies from his blue skill, and an ascension.

Bonus: Light Warden, Willow Druid, and Storm Wizard because I like them :slight_smile: .

Who would you like to see added to the ascension pool?


Tbh I think the really old heroes like storm wizard or loyal squire (there’s many more examples) would need reworks or buffs to make them viable, even once ascended.

Though there are exceptions like wander, lion or even rogue, heroes like hex witch, who were released early and ascended early, tend to not be viable in the meta. So I think the same would apply to others that get ascended…

The fix might be as simple as adding a zero (or two!) to storm wizards’s white skill, for example. Or, more thoughtful, complex reworks would be required (though this second option seems unlikely given the state of the game :joy:)

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Given the devs statement of intent regarding time being spent on this game, the list of heroes did not surprise me at all…

I’m presuming that list takes us to 4* ascensions.

Aaaannnndddd taking it to the most logical conclusion, depending on the amount of players spending and the progress of newer games to actual worldwide launches / actual ability to fund themselves, the decision will be made to:

  1. (Ideal) rework the remaining heroes and the ability to collect dungeon hero shards in an actual helpful way.

  2. (Most likely) Just release 4* and continue to ascend heroes without rework, and hide from the complaints. Most of us will not have the resources to level up everyone anyway, so will choose who to do first, orrrrrr pay lots of money for the Ascension deals, just to be top.

  3. (Given the quality of the new games we have access to / can actually talk about here…)
    Shut the game down for PQ2?
    It would be a bit random to shut down the still 2nd biggest earning game of the “13” that have launched.

But then I don’t understand why you continue to treat your 2nd biggest earning game as the redheaded stepchild lol.
Presumably because most of that $10mil+ was a long time ago now, to be faiiiiir.

Hopefully that process will end up (finally) justifying itself when (if?) the next hit drops…

I think they’re going to release the 5th ascension then shut the game down soon after.

There’s also the possibility of a DragonSoul ending.

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Don’t forget there may be a new “Diamond Ascension”, where we go thru 5 more levels after this 5. Lol.

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Oh how silly I once was.

All toons will be in the ascension pool on July 31st with 4* and 5* ascension.

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Imo… the old toons should have been released first if no rework was going to happen. The only way I see to move forward and mix it up is to:
A- Stager ascension so that toons like storm can move to ascension lvl 5 while others are held back.
B- Actually retool the old toons.

Also, free lamp.

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