My main account is on its way

It swings to and from

Here before Mici replies with a sassy, sarcastic comment.



No, seriously.
Too long, I didn’t read.

In my best Matt Hardy voice

Delete! Delete! Delete!

Two for the price of one.

You’re welcome

Owch. (Filler so I can get to 10+ characters.)

For the players individual scores have it per quest complete rather than score obtained

Reason being will be an easier incentive for players to max out on quests than it will to try to beat the epic snipers who sit with alarms on for every one :rofl:

And besides points matter to beat other guilds …
Activity matters more in a guild rather than infighting/overcompetitiveness


Then people will take all common quests



And destroy their guilds chances for a good prize haul…
I think not

We can all agree weve got our pl strategies sussed out for nothing below 1000 points

Anyone not on that format has had long enough to learn the ropes :joy::joy:

I think not kicking people is what encourages laziness. We already got weekly contests for individuals to compete in so adding that to PL would be mostly redundant. The only difference is that PL is better tailored to free players; some contests in the past did that but devs phased them out so you know their stance on that!

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I miss dungeon contest… was highly hated by many though so im not surprised its gone now.

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Beerus the destroyer banged in a high score the likes unseen before … and for pittance as a prize aside from renown for being that awesome at speed running
I too have done my fair share of smashing boundaries in that contest and again it is all for renown rather than a grand prize

Disheartening to do 50+hours over a weekend to be top dog and get a silly hero skin

Great contest but it has the worst prizes because we cant pay to win them …and perblue punish freeplay earners way too hard


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