My tournament Issues

Am I the only one on S10 getting bumped back and forth between Gold and Copper level flights? Originally I was working my way through Platinum4 then after a 12 hour shift when I finally logged on, I realized I was dropped to a low level Gold (this was 3 weeks ago.) I worked my way back up to Platinum(?) and once again after not logging on for a few hours, I’m dropped down to Copper again. For the last two weeks I’ve been caught in a whirlpool of revolving flights? I can literally go against a player in Gold 3 and then try to find my next match and realize I’m having to choose from a brand new Copper flight! (No history of the previous match AT ALL!) It happens just that fast! Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game a few times and I’ve reached out to support. PB said they are working on it, and I believe they are, I just want to make sure I’m not alone or the only one, for my own sanity. :grin::sob::sweat_smile:

The were taken minutes apart after two matches! LOL I’m done :joy::rofl::joy: