Mysterious epic 1% skin advantage

Seen this on several of the others we fight in war and arena. Now I know its got something to do with epic crystals. Have heard there is a formula such as two hits red and rest blue. But still not seeing this effect. Anyone have any clue on what to do? I mean is it one crystal, all 3 crystals, am I using right formula?

If it says skin, shouldn’t it be related to the skin the hero is wearing? Some skins add advantages.


I was always told the skins have no advantage. But what’s even more wierd if discovered some of my hero’s have skin aspects and i did not even change the crystals. Some even have it with no crystals.

But why can you see this unless you post the fighter. Should be on the epic part of your hero’s screen

The skin bonus exists since style chests have been introduced to the game :smirk:


The skins have nothing to do with epic :wink:


They do have an impact some have gain heart gain energy at start of match gain attack almost all of skins have a bonus