Name Sparkle Pony's Cloud: Vote Now!


This is it! We’ve had such an amazing response in this contest, thank you to everyone who participated! The PerBlue staff has narrowed the choices down to five, but YOU get to decide the winner! Join us on the Forums to vote now, voting ends at 12:00 CT tomorrow (Tuesday, December 5th)!

  • Candypuff
  • Fluffy
  • Sir O’Stratus
  • Gusty
  • Claude

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Name Sparkle Pony's Cloud!

Yeeeeaaaaaa boiiii. I’m about to make PQ history. Vote Fluffy and vote today!


Top bad Sparkle Creation Station isn’t an option, that would’ve been my pick.

And vote Fluffy! Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy!


Vote fluffy

You know it’s the best name :joy:


Vote Sir O’Stratus everyone! Don’t be basic, show them you’ve got some class!


Candypuff xD
And Candypuff


Fluffy!! Fluffy!! Fluffy!!


Jean Claude Van Sparkle Pony


ITS SO FLUFFY!!! (Dispicable Me) lil girl with unicorn toy. Makes so much sense! Besides you’re really going to vote for someone calling you basic?


He wouldn’t be calling them basic if they voted against fluffy…

Judging by his post:

Vote fluffy = basic
Don’t wanna be basic don’t vote fluffy it’s pretty simple :open_mouth:


#luffthefluff. :heart:


We should be friends hehe


Fluffy for a cloud? How plain and stereotypical can you get? They might as well just rename the hero to “Unicorn” while they are at it! Since they never put Cloudy McCloudface in the poll (which was obviously the best choice) the next best choice can only be Candypuff! Come on everyone, vote for the name that is obviously the right choice…

Disclaimer: None of the names in this poll, or mentioned in the post are mine.


Fluffy is sweet for her…!!


Claude. It’s just the right thing to do, folks.


I vote candy puff:3 ^3^


So the single most popular option for naming wasn’t even included? What a farce.

just unbelievable sticker


The single most popular option (by only a couple Likes, which you disapproved of as a voting mechanism in the last thread, and then only if you don’t combine the various posts for Fluffy) was Cloudy McCloudface, which seems like a reasonable editorial exclusion.

It sometimes seems suspiciously like you just come here to argue. :wink:

I am endorsing Candypuff for two reasons:

  1. It’s the closest to my suggestion of Glitterpuff (which is objectively better but w/e)
  2. It has the best shot of beating Fluffy.


The pony is a unicorn. Unicorn!

Candypuff for the cloud.


I still think Emperor Cumulus Cloudicus is by far a much better choice. But if those are the choices, I guess I will have to go with The Artist Formerly Known as Water Vapor. JK. Fluffy it is.