Name Sparkle Pony's Cloud: Vote Now!

Was it really reasonable, though?

Please be aware that I reasonably excluded “yes” as an answer.

I vote Purple Pony Pain
Purple Pony Cloud.
Thunder Pony Cloud
Unicloud ( as Unicorn has a horn)

I gots to luv me some FLUFFY :wink:

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Fluffy :joy::joy::joy: is cool name

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If like to nominate the cloud be named: Thirteen

Why is it reasonable? They created a fan-driven naming contest and then excluded the single most popular choice. That choice was not vulgar, it didn’t break any copyright rules …

There is zero sense in creating fan-driven contests/content and then ignoring their choices.

This is almost as disappointing as their continuous release of grossly overpowered heroes.

Eh. Fluffy was the actual most popular choice and it is here.

I appreciate the joy of Nouny McNounface naming suggestions but I find it more fun as just that: a suggestion. Everyone in the game is going to be stuck looking at this name, so I appreciate that they used editorial judgment within the suggested names.

The wording of the original post seemed clear to me that it would not be completely open democracy (frankly a bad idea in this context), but guidance on giving them a lot of names to pick from.

I made a reddit donation once and was invited to help vote on the name of the next server. I looked at the history of crowdsourced server names and something like 1/4 of them were variants of Server McServerface. The joke gets old, you know?


I thought it was a whale.

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Based on … what?

Cloudy McCloudface had the most votes. Fluffy might have been suggested more times after the initial post, but I know there were several people who simply didn’t post “Cloudy McCloudface” a second or third or fourth time simply because it was already posted once.

Fluffy is a disappointing, unimaginative choice. If the people want to vote for a joke that you find tired and old, so be it. It’s the people’s choice, after all.

edit: Lame.


The first thread was for players to submit suggestions, not to vote for their favorite name. That’s what this thread is for!


The people have spoken!
Fluffy is the best
All hail Fluffy.
Fluffy is a straight up Gangsta