Name Sparkle Pony's Cloud!


Some would argue Sparkle Pony’s Cloud does all the heavy lifting, but the poor thing doesn’t even have a name! So, we’re giving YOU, the players, the chance to name this adorable little Cloud!

On Monday, December 4th we will create a Poll with the best suggestions from this Thread. The name with the most votes will become the official name of Sparkle Pony’s Cloud, and will be implemented into the game!

Contest Rules

  • KEEP IT PG! This means NO mention of sex (including sex acts, and the sexual orientation of others), any obscenities, drugs, politics, religion.
  • This is also not the place to post hateful comments aimed at other players or PerBlue.
  • That’s pretty much it!

#teamsparkle.....where's fluffy?

1.) Spectrum


2.) Skittles


Cloudy McCloudface

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I would name it Strife. Pending copyright infringements of course.


I’d say lakitu but Nintendo would sue your asses for that one

How about

Silver (clouds and linings and all that)

Silver + sparkle


Fluffy. (would be my first choice name and one that should win)


I think “Cumulus” would be a cute name


Glitter Sparkle
Silver Sparkle


Cumulus Humilis is what I think it should be


“Pups” is the perfect name for TheCloud:)


I’d call it thunder ( cloud )


Cumulonimbus prince



Name : Giggles, the happy pony




i like the name “unicorn cloud”


Crêpe Cloud is a good name lol


Proud Cumulus Cloud (or simply “Proud Cloud”). Because that stinker looks so daggum happy! Just look at the lil guy!


Barry, Steve, Sharon, dave, mavis, Bob.


Cloudy with a chance of hayl

Mattress (because let’s be honest know) (credit to warchief)


Sparkle Pony isn’t one to be upstaged by the help. Clarence is the cloud’s rightful name.


1.) Space Unicorn

2.) Rainbow horn

3.) Starburst

4.) Skittles

5.) Mythical Death