Name Sparkle Pony's Cloud!


Clearly this cloud looks like a Fred


I’d go with Mr. Fluffers


A twist on cloud 9

Cloud 4.5


I’d name it Kasumi, which sounds pretty and means “mist.” Because isn’t a gentle blur of mist the perfect thing for the offspring of Rainbow Dash and a golem?


Clouds name should be Atlas


Ashmera the flying cloud


This forum is dumb. Its like its run by middleschool kids …name the fkn cloud NIMBUS


Death mist

Fluffy boi


Cloud chaser

Or Paradies cookie



I was gonna say Nimbus…
Sir. O’Stratus or Sir O’Cumulus (play on words of cirrostratus and cirrocumulus)
Misty or Miss T.

Also how are you basing which of these suggestions gets added to the poll?


supercalifragilistic cloud
or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cloud :slightly_smiling_face:


The cloud should be calledThe smoof


This little cloud could be named:

  • Nimbus
  • Nuage
  • Smore


Te PowerPony is the best


Spirit of free enterprise


Hey guys! What do you think about naming it after my beautiful baby kitten, Musia.
:smiley: I would be sooo happy :smiley:



Thinking “Lift” would be a good name


Dank cloud


Fat dank cloud

Would be cool haha


Sparkle Pony and Puff


Here are a few ideas that came to mind:

  1. Gusty
  2. Cutie Puff
  3. Wisper
  4. Windy
  5. Billow Glee
  6. Wind Swept
  7. Wind Master
  8. Sky Wool
  9. Sky Pillow