Name Sparkle Pony's Cloud!


Hello! FLUFFY!!! Why would we call it anything else?!


Fluffy. It is only fitting for the sparkle pony <3.


I would like it to be named: Fluffy


It’s like a fluff ball! What else can you name it but Fluffy???


Undoubtedly has to be FLUFFY! unnamed (2)


IT CAN ONLY BE SHIMMER PUFF!! I think I just nailed it! Lol. SHIMMER PUFF!!!


Im partial to Fluffy myself :blush:


Glimmering stratus cloud!



20 characters.


Marcia Mallow


I would name Sparkle Pony’s cloud Cuddles!

Or Cotton Candy :smile:

Good luck to all the entrants, to all the players of this amazing game, and to the developers in their future creative ventures!!!


I bet @Mx_Glamtastic will have the best name. My money is on him.


Whisp Vixen or Tommi Tsunami




Definitely should be called fluffy


Nimbino or Nimbina

Or a shortened version Nimbi or Nimby

Also kinda like C. Nimblast

  • Nubes
  • Kumo
  • Pegasus
  • Dumbledore


May I recommend something along the line of Marshmellow Fluff?

Or Staypuff Jr?


I say Big Blue my son says Humorous


We need a Bruce, and the cloud sounds perfect for this epic name!