Name Sparkle Pony's Cloud!


The Nimbus Cloud. I think would be a great name!


How about…Shroom?

*Please note this is in no way reference to current geopolitical matters, nor is it an endorsement of psychedelics.

But, yeah. Shroom.


You know, I really thought twice about the “him” label! I love the use of pronouns for everyone! I equally love the names. You definitely didn’t disappoint friend!


I think a great name would be:

Kawaii Nimbus


Nimbus would be a great name



Blablabla 20 characters


Purple Pain Pony Stomp


Dan (this part of the message is to fill space


So sparkle pony is taken so i would think thes knock off names would be good.

Sawdust horse
CJ. (Cloudy J)
Dungarese witherspoons
Sticky Joe
Cloud 9
Altaria (named after the pokemon)
Fiddleroyolanda Smackonmytiddyboosters III
Cloud under a pony


Stratus Colt or maybe Colt Lightning


Marshmallow Pie
Phantom Storm
Starlite Express
Bouncy Blu
Silver Shimmer
Happy Sunriser
Twilight Zoomer


NUBE de unicornio


How about Miss Pillow Puff


levitating precipitation


It should be named Zeus (Greek god of sky & clouds) or Nephos (Greek word for cloud)


This lovely cloud is obviously a
Mister Fluffykin


Nine. The cloud name is nine


If we’re going numbers, 42.


klaus the cloud… Sounds good to me. :grin:


I thought maybe Franklin or Frankie. :smiley: