Name Sparkle Pony's Cloud!


“Cloudy Moods”, you never know what that cloud brings.


Sparkle creation station


I think either Poof or Cotton. Or go with an complete normal name like Herburt.


Can it be called the happy cloud


I think name should be dream puff or dream cloud


Sparkle Pony’s BFF Cloud could have names like

“power puff plume"
"puffy puff puff"
"moisture master” or “mistery moisture"
"steam steed”

but for showing a connection to sparkle pony’s rainbow mane, an iridescent cloud showing mysteriously an Unicorn shining up could have a name like

“Rainbow Dewy” or “Rainbow Cloudette"
"Spectrum Cloudine” or “Spectral Cloudelle"
"Mistery Cloudyne” or “Mistery Haze-El”

or just “shiny happy misty hazy rainbow power puff nebulousia carry all”

Hope you like these suggestions.


Sparkle Pony and Rainbow Dewy have the best sound

  1. Chloe
    2)Nebo (means sky in Croatian)




Thunder snorts. :+1:t2:


Isn’t that the ultimate answer?


I would go for Twilight, Skye or Cotton Candy!



  1. Glitter

  2. White Rhino

  3. Orbit/Orbitus


I forgot to add 5) Fluff


Fluffy-O-Nimbus is my first option.

Fluffinator 3000 might be more in line with the game

Gladionimbus is a bit more combat oriented

I’m just gonna throw Mystic Fluffulus out there for fun


Love it!!! The answer to the ultimate question, of the meaning of life and all we know!! If it weren’t for that close call at that pub, Earth would be defined as, simply, “Harmless”. Caused Ford Prefect, to add the “Mostly”, in front of harmless^^. Got that from the movie, or from the 5 book series? Book’s are fantastic, if you enjoy sarcastic humor. I’m actually on book 5/5, which just so happens to be, “Mostly Harmless”. Lol. Need to start it already.


Pony’s Cloud is co cute :slight_smile: would name it Solid Mallows!


I think that The Silver Rainbow would be good


Glowsticky Sugarcloud!!!



Because let’s be honest, it looks like a mattress.


I am thinking Pouf!
Princess Lyndsae


Rainbow Fluff! Seems fitting for the little cloud :slight_smile: