Need a perbluevian to help me out

Have had nothing but download loop issue for a week or so now
Hit me hard over the weekend during contest

But now…
I can’t even access endless no matter how many times I do the download

I’m on my 5th download in 20mins and still can’t use endless

Help help help

I have a video of it occuring immediately after download went through… But I swear a lot in it and get proper frustrated so I won’t post it here

Will email it to support though so please go watch it :sunglasses::slight_smile:

If you’re on Android, uninstall, clear the cache for your Google Play store, and then install it again.
The clearing the cache part is important to getting past the download loop.

But, please do ticket support, because we’re trying to find what’s causing the loop and more data is always helpful!

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Tickets already in and email is out too

Have done all of the above with limited success.
Have a working game at minute but weirdly it was down to changing my font size…
Did this help or was it a coincidence that after that change it works
Who knows tbh but it’s worth delving into

Hoping you guys and gals napalm the Heck out that bug wherever its hiding :slight_smile:

I,v had the something to,they told me to uninstall the game and reinstall it ,I even did a factory restore ,and its still doing it.if you get yours working let me know,it driving me crazy

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Hopefully it is something simple… nefarious bit of coding that isn’t in the right placement for example
Could even be part and parcel of server merge consolidation

Not sure if any other server is affected but all those I’ve spoke to who have had the issue were server 1

Yup over and over and over again. No cs response from the other day. Completely ruined my contest. I have Uninstalled, cleared cache partition, clear game cache, andcleared Google play cache. I am on a note8. I can’t do anything dungeon wise.

Some people in my guild had same issue but it seems like uninstalling then reinstalling worked

All donsies! Close please @Polaris My bad if some are still experiencing it. All I spoke with said things were fine. And my own troubles ended quick like.

Not done yet buddy
Way off being fixed :rofl:

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Smooth edit… But yeah it’s still broken

Case in point

These are within the last 40 hours

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Yeah I still can’t get into dungeon except Boss Dungeon.

Are all those experiencing this on same server? I know some on 11 said it was happening in Fortress of all places.

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