Need help with this


cant pick any reward


The offers with 640 diamonds was there before our guild made it to that tier


Have you completed a single quest yet?
Need to participate and do at least one quest before you can claim any rewards.


Or is it your guild mate new? As in, just joined?
There could be a 24 hour cooldown period before he can participate and claim.


I have fone all my quests and could claim previpus rewards but the thing is i already got all skins thats offering so why cant i get anything else


Submit a ticket
Only devs can help you


Ahhh right I see. Yeah. Didn’t notice you claimed earlier tier rewards.
Hmm yeah raise a ticket. I can see your guild has the required 304,630 glory needed to claim tier 20 rewards… But yeah, it’s greyed out. Odd indeed.


Or just restart the app perhaps first


Hello IT.
Have you tried turning it off and back on again?




I do not know how to do that, never had any problems with anything before


Cleansing ram memory isnt the case if it was diamonds before and when it came down to claiming reward it changed to all skins


Yeah, I know that
Was riffing on sueys post

Go to your profile picture and the support button on that screen.

If that text option isn’t there , pick a topic.
Any topic.
Scroll to the end of it and say no when it asks was this helpful.
Then you can write to them…


It’s probably skins and you have them all, as compensation you get diamonds… that’s at least what it is with my account


Oooo I actually know this one :joy::rofl:… If you already have the skins being offered in the particular PL event that skin is replaced with diamonds as a reward for that tier if you don’t see this before the update is finished I’ll message you in game @Uloveheealz


I cant get any compensation either


Please send in a support ticket and we can help you out!