Need this on the game please


It would be a great help


You want them to copy a game’s layout?

Don’t be lazy and just spam that button

Adding new xp potions isn’t even close to low priority for them or anyone else

Don’t take this as me being mean, just casual feedback


The game is the exact copy … Now … I know you’re fine … But man … Think a little about others … New players … Players who do not have much time, because they work … Think in others not only in you …


I’m not lazy … But actually I have something else to do in my real life … I could spend all day climbing the heros xp


Both games were made by PerBlue
But PerBlue doesn’t own one of them anymore

That’s Dragon Soul right?
The game that is shutting down
Just making sure, because haven’t played DS


Yep that’s ds… :astonished::slightly_smiling_face:
Thing is if you don’t use xp… Save up the gear till you have all…
The promote and equip features will use that xp for you to get heros up to level
Way quicker…
If you use xp then gear up your doing it wrong :astonished:


Wait! You mean color is more important than numbers in this game? Sorry that is not the way I was raised :rofl: So it goes: shards, colors then numbers? Got it. No more 42 greens before 30 blues…unless all my blues are 1 star and my greens are 3. What the heck is this a paint by numbers game?! But your advice is solid Cottontail however obvious it might seem to long time RPG folk and so thank you.