Never reaching challenger from plat 1?

There is something wrong with the promotion and demotion system in the royal tournament when reaching platinum 1 and trying to get to challenger. I have been in platinum 1 since there have been 5 people in it and now we are 10.

The issue is that since I got to p1 nobody has been promoted to challenger. As of the current round with 10 people, again nobody is getting promoted BUT someone is getting demoted.

So my question is: how on Earth one reaches challenger in the royal tournament?

Just be top 0 to promote
jk sorry ;(

But idk, send a ticket ingame
So the Devs can answer it for you

You can’t do it until tournament is full,10 is way short of full capacity

I promoted from plat 2 to plat 1 when there were only 8 people, so this is not the issue.

In arena or tournament?

If you look at the picture
It says Tournament

There is no challenger yet in tournament

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