New character idea - Damage Distributor

I like the characters that have very specific skills that can only be used in certain situations, such as Shining Guardian, Noob Hero and Furmiliar.

I don’t know if this is the best place to post a new character idea but I’ll have a go all the same.

The potential character would be frontline, likely focus, and its primary, passive skill is to be a damage distributor with maxed/consistently high threat.

It would take all incoming damage from the opposing team and distribute it to the rest of the team in the most efficient way possible so that the rest of the team takes damage as equally as possible, rather focusing it on single, high-threat characters.

Its white skill would be to absorb damage over a 2-second period and then shoot it back at the enemy team, distributing the damage output equally, with a nerf such as fatigued or silenced.

Its blue skill might be to share the damage with both teams for 3 seconds on hitting health segments such as 70% and 30% with a 5-second cooldown.

It would also have the skills Tough and either Armor Proficiency or Stand Firm with a high-health pool with next to zero-attack stat.

I imagine the design of the character as either a totem or even a hovering cloud of shooting stars.

Its epic skill would be to add another nerf to the white skill such as knockback or even crit and the blue skill such as bleed to the enemy and heals (based on bleed damage output) for your team.

Let me know your thoughts people/Per Blue!


Looks a tad OP

Imagine, you are using ww wisp meta… you pop merc and instead of one tapping that annoying (insert annoying hero) instantly… it spreads out and the (insert annoying hero) survives, them poops on your entire team

No thanks

What about making it a gimmick then where if you choose the character, it replaces both frontlines characters instead of just one? :slight_smile:
Otherwise I’d say that the character could be a damage absorber then, merc pops an arrow, the damage absorber basically becomes a trophy system that doesn’t stop the arrow but reduces the total damage output. In which case, the character’s threat could be maxed on entering the battlefield, for 5 seconds, and then is only maxed on the white skill for a further 5 seconds.

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