New gear name ideas


This is for everyone to share some names for items that they would like to see added to the game potentially. Perblue listens pretty closely to the players so I believe we can possibly get some pretty unique names in here!
I personally would like to start off with Heims Horn


Night Knight’s Sword


Saturn’s Sun Goggles


Flame of the Phoenix


Janni’s Pacifier

Just a tad bit of backstory. My girlfriend and I met on Dragonsoul last fall which we all know started out as a Perblue game. Fast forward to May of 2018 and our baby will be here. Janni is a combination of our first names lol. @Hulkette what do you think?


Never thought I’d see the day where a game on your phone would bring people together like that.


Kapa Korn Hunter for a new name



Purple Haze wizard,warrior or master


Hey, purple gaze or glaze.
Kool beans


Flying Rubber Buckets


Poseidon’s Trident as a weapon


Hahaha i just saw this. It would be cool to see but i don’t think it’d made


Severus soul collector


Sallys sack O’spheres

Description: Its not what you think.