New Guild with Top Players can't get matched


So this is my first experience starting a guild where I Cherry Picked every member. We are basically 30 strong and maxed out for the most part. Today should have been war number 7 for our 10 day old Guild however it is the second time that we were not giving an opponent. We have also been matched twice in a row with the team we had just beat the previous war. Support says that they are sorry and there’s nothing to really be done about it but how about some sort of bracket system to better place guilds with opponents rather than relying on a crown count algorithm that doesn’t seem to be working? I have 30 wolverines in a cage pacing back and forth! All are rearing to fight and aggravated with the loss of days not being able to fight War, loss of Rewards and an obstacle to climbing the ranks. If we could fight a team that was more to our power level we could surely advance in no time but as it stands we are stuck on the sidelines.


What server are you on? On server three we have had three of these messages in a week. Pesky starting a guild on a dead server…


@Pixie_Mici were on s4


You know… with comfortably numb… lol


Erm… comfortably numb Is on seven servers


Are they? Lol sorry, I’m only on one server…
I think they changed to silver linings on our server now.


Nope. They still there.
I’m in silver linings yes.
But comfortably numb, and elly are still there.


Especially if the people who run the program give out crowns like candy to guilds that they want to. Just like Deadpool. They’ve one only 1 war this season. They’ve been fought two times earlier in the season. And they didn’t have 300 crowns. And now with less than 9 days left in the war season. And only one war win. And they have over 400 crowns. Like I said. They rig it as they see fit.


There is no hope unless you can convince your team to hunp it over another season. PB will thank you for playing tough :kissing_heart:


How are you getting matched with the same guild back to back?


We were veteran players that started a brand new guild. We spent an entire season and then some clawing our way up from 200th place. At that level there are multiple little, mostly inactive guilds. Due to crown count and the way matching works we shouldn’t have ever fought the same guild twice let alone so close together. We were also put in time out multiple times citing “no available opponents” although the explanation given was an odd # of teams. Given that I find it highly unjust we had this happen 3x. There are hundreds of guilds and they couldn’t sit out another team besides us? Absurd but got lots of “Thanks for playing!” Personally it should never have taken us 1.5 seasons to reach position but I suppose you can only fight so many dozen 1-24 hr wars.


100% undefeated I might add until we finally hit top 10 or so.