New hero group effort of s4 global


Can we have a new hero called " The James" please


Oh yh, this sounsds like a great idea! I think this should be done ASAP! Also, definently fury tank. :muscle:


HECK YEAAAAAAsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


I totally agree. And a new Portal Lord too, need all the James we can get


And after that he’ll be the new icon for everything, loading screen, the bot telling that ur chat silenced, and the pic and the upper left hand corner of the discourse


The James secretly owns the game. He needs to be a hero to put everyone in their proper place.


This is the only truth in life now…


@IAMTHEANGELNOW omg yea “you were rroudde so you’ve been silenced”



James please get back to me. Its important


I have developed some possible skills for the new hero "James"
James the hero stats!

Attack speed- low
Attack dmg- medium high
Health- high
Energy- 5

White- Bagpipe blast
Honks out an ear bleeding noise form his bagpipe that applies bleed dmg to all enemies for a duration and also deafens them, preventing them from being able to interact with eachother (i.e. no healing eachother, blessing eachother, giving shields, energy, Noob hero only protects himself)
upgrading increases dmg

Green- Battle hardened
immune to crit/bleed
upgrading increases lvl it can’t fail against

Blue- Scottish winds
Sudden gust of wind blows his kilt upwards, exposing his junk. This is a horrible sight by any and all standards, so while his threat is maxed out temporarily every attack has a chance to blind the attacker
upgrading increases lvl it can’t fail against

Purple- armor proficiency
ignores x dmg per attack, can’t be more than half
upgrading increases dmg reduction


Join the queue.
Pixies first please :wink: