New Hero Ideas!

We’re looking for some fresh ideas for future Heroes. Tell us what new Heroes you’d like to see in the game, and maybe your idea will make it into a future release!

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Mo 2.0: A man reborn

A pixie hero.

Oh… Wait…

I’m thinking 2 things

  • A male psychic who is a support hero that uses gems, wicca items and such


  • A male feng shui assassin who uses handfans as throwing knives

We were supposed to give detailed answers? Hold my Mankini.

They don’t have to be completely fleshed out, but it gives us a very clear image of what you have in mind.

But Mo likes to have his flesh out, he likes a good tan.

The pause and reflect hero.
Where it’s a hero that doesn’t actually get released and allows players to try and upskill existing Eleventy One heroes that are already released.

A sexy version of shiny spiny

I would like to see a couple more heroes like lion knight and crystal cleric. especially now that lion has been made slightly more redundant by Carl, another hero with the fair fight skill would be nice.

other than that I don’t want any more heroes :joy: . eleventy one heroes is enough, thanks. i’d prefer it if the awful (cough, cough VOID CASTER!!!) were buffed

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Hex witch*

Fixed it for you

void first. then hex *

she has been op at purple a while back. void has always been void of any usefulness at all rarities.

Void Appreciation Week!!! (month, year)

I’m all aboard the rework / buff train


Why not just stop making heroes with new skills, and make special equipment that have skills… Which can be attached to existing heroes.
Combinations of heroes and attached equipment would be massive, and definitely spin things around.

Would mean people can at least spend resources on levelling etc all the existing heroes.


Choo, Choo!

Orrrrrrrrr… Stop going up levels.

Star wars, galaxy of heroes has a character level max of 85.
We could have stopped at 200.
Heck we could have stopped Ages ago.

But gear levels go up, and new heroes come along, and People still spend to get the new guys.

Gear and enchanting and levelling up costs for 100+ heroes is stupid high now.

So many Great guilds have folded, as people realise that the cost to fun ratio is getting more and more skewed.

Pesky sunk cost fallacy :frowning:



A perfect hero would look like Ramona flowers (different enough that you don’t get sued).
With changeable hair colour (at least the Stripe) which would change according to which portal lords Faction won last.

Yep, aspect etc like warp mage 2.0

Their skills Should be tied to green lantern like powers, but they should be as amusing as bizarro league lantern / noob hero effectiveness despite the appearance… (think using it to conjure up a teddy bear, but it is a decoy, or a giant inflatable mallet, but it does decent damage).

Of course the colours of the generated skills are linked to the aspect , and switch as she does.

Good luck with it :wink:

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All in on no more new heroes. With 50+ collecting dust, why do I need new ones?

I’d rather rework new heroes and have some new things to do with them…

Five palette swap heroes (preferably anthropomorphic birds), that morph into one mega version like zoids or transformers or power rangers…

Oh… Wait…
Never mind.

Do both. As long as we’re asking