NEW Hero Spotlight: Shining Guardian

Across long aeons the legend of the Shining Guardian has spread- a guiding light that pierces through the fog of history and summons heroes to its beacon. In a battle against the Darkness, what better ally is there than the Light?

Tips for using Shining Guardian:

  • First off, thanks to all the players on the forums and in game that have shed some light on the current meta of Portal Quest. We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear and in our darkest hour, Ember’s beacon of hope has finally arrived.
  • Shining Guardian is the latest Fury Support Hero to enlighten your Backline with full team healing, damage boosts, minion spawning, adequate lighting, unpredictable crowd control, and infinite Dungeoning.
  • Let’s start with the White Skill, Faun Out:
    • Faun Out spawns an allied Satyr Fox to lure your enemies away to a magical fantasy land with delicious candy and it’s pretty much great against every Hero in the game.
    • Seriously though, who doesn’t like Turkish Delights?
    • To counter any particularly stubborn enemies, make sure to bring along Satyr Fox to really get the full effectiveness of this skill.
    • You know what’s more convincing than a magical goat trying to lure you to a fantasy land with delicious candy… two magical goats trying to lure you to a fantasy land with delicious candy, think about it.
  • You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been trying to trickle new shared skills into the game alongside Hero releases to help add more diversity to combat. You’d be absolutely crazy to think that Shining Guardian’s Green Skill, Gaslighting, is just our latested overpowered addition to the skill pool.
    • With all the control Heroes being really weak in the meta right now we felt the need to really lamp up the choices for crowd control skills.
    • Gaslighting stuns a random enemy at the beginning of combat for 10 seconds and reduces their basic attack damage for the rest of the fight.
    • The skill’s random targeting is perfect for shutting down that one enemy Hero that doesn’t really pose any threat to your team.
  • Shining Guardian’s Blue Skill, I Ate a Lightbulb, heals your entire team all the time which is pretty good:
    • This skill also passively reveals any stealthed units in combat.
    • If you use this Hero against Swashbuckler or Whirling Dagger it’s a free win.
    • You can’t be a Shadow Master if there aren’t any shadows, right!?
  • Lastly, when it comes to all you Dungeoneers out there, say goodbye to Sparkle Pony and hello to Shining Guardian’s Purple Skill:
    • From My Electric Well provides bonus damage on all allied basic attacks while in the Dungeon.
    • More importantly though, you will not burn torches so long as Shining Guardian is alive in your party.
    • Since Shining Guardian isn’t the tankiest Hero you’ll want to bring along a solid Frontline to get full benefit of this skill.
    • Do you like trying to use matches when it’s windy outside? It’s kind of like that.
  • If you can’t tell already, Shining Guardian is good with and against every Hero in the game. You’re going to need it for sure!
    • Really though, if you don’t own the Hero by April 2nd your game automatically uninstalls.

What are your first impressions of this new Hero? Will you be adding Shining Guardian to your lineup?


This hero looks weak sauce to me. I will not be adding him to any of my lineups, especially dungeon.

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Lol, i hope you’re kidding

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Finally, I no longer need torches. Now I can go as high as I want without fear of running out. Thanks for releasing this after the dungeon contest ends.


I hope this isn’t an april fools joke (except 1 sentence)


I cant put the hero in my lineup for some reason

This hero can only be equipped in the Dungeon

So far I have had no real use for guardian as I have enough torches and fur kills most enemies

He works fine for me but somehow I still use torches PB give me refund :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: