New Hero Suggestion: Fluffy Gorgon


Fluffy Gorgon is a 2 star, focus, tank front liner whose lower body is like a dragons tail but coated with a velvet-like fur. The upper half of his body muscular like Scarred Brawler’s but thin like Nightstalker. He would weild two 6 foot whips that would boost fury attack speed. The whips will be his two pet snakes, James and Cody. He has the eyes of a snake and the tongue of one too. He has no ears and likes to occasionally take all of th threat with the skill “Come At Me” which he unlocks at white rank. His green skill will be Tenacious, blue will be shattering blast, and purple will be open the vein.

Description: Fluffy Gorgon used to live with his three sisters, Kianna, Joanna, and Barb. They never thought he was any good at anything. One day Fluffy saw two snakes basking in the sun on a rock. He picked them up by the tails and all of a sudden in a Godly light, he got rippling muscles, soft fur to make all the ladies love him and the greatest thing of all. . . he moved out of his sisters cave


Well that was an entertaining read :joy::joy:
Lot of thought gone into the idea


That was a fantastic read! I’m glad you bumped this.:joy::joy:


I’m still hoping this dream becomes a reality because Fluffy Gorgon sounds like the best hero ever! #nevergiveup


Second best hero ever.

Pixie for the win.
Just saying…