New hero's s8 drop rate in chests

Soo as of yesterday’s update on server 8 we have 2 new hero’s… both available from gold chests.
I know newer heroes tend to have a somewhat lower drop rate fine.
But opening nearly 300 gold chests and getting zero shards for any of the 2 heroes is just taking the piss…

I know it’s ‘random’ but this is a bit of a joke.
Gold chests and chests in general aren’t as easy to come by as they used to be.

Am I supposed to wait months to build up more chests to maybe get lucky?
Or am I trying to be persuaded into buying the deals at a silly price to get some shards?

Attached are screenshots of chests

Yup, the drop rate can be this scarce :joy:

Others have opened thousands of gold chests & not even gotten a full hero…
I don’t even bother to get the newest heroes on the first day anymore, because it can be such a drag…
It could be that you are more lucky with faction chests :wink:

I get what u say. But still.

I’ve often waited a little bit before I opened. Sometimes I didn’t.
Still stand by the fact that if offered from golden chests a 1% bare minimum would be nice to say the least. This was a 0% of nearly 300 chests.

If anything it puts buying golden chests for heroes.

Least PB could do is state drop rate of hero’s from chests.
Sorry but I feel so cheated. A few shards OK. But none… that’s a slap in the face.

And it probably would be so much an issue if we had more chests for rewards. But now they are scarce so less chance of even trying to get atuff

I got the advice that I shouldn’t open more than 50 chests at a time…
If I don’t get the hero I want within these 50 chests, I won’t open any more on this day :wink:
It’s going rather well with this method (for me at least)

Yep. I usually follow similarly… hence 2 separate openings of chests posted above…

Today I didn’t follow suit. OK maybe me jumping ahead for once hoping that two heroes both in gold chests would net me a few shards of at least 1. When usually it’s 1 hero with gold.chests.

Still stand by my point. 2 hero’s gained via gold chests don’t or in my case didn’t yield any shards after opening a lot is bad.

It’s effectively false advertising… in some sense and utter crap.
Shouldn’t say xxx in gold.chests unless u have a reasonable chance of getting it…
And I think in my case it was more than reasonable.

Send some dat my way! :grin: It 'll give you closet space.

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Have it all! As u can see I only need like 3 items there…
Trade u for stamina… lol


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