New September hero Forgotten Champion

Continuing the discussion from Support on Holiday: September 2:

I opened 590 heroic chests and got no new hero shards!!!:rage: Why!?!? :rage::rage::rage:

Los nuevos personaje hasta que no pasan un mes (por lo menos) no vas a encontrar ni recibir mas cantidades por él.Cada nuevo personaje está dedicado para gastar cierto dinero…hasta que es mas asequible…a mi me pasó tambien alguna vez en su dia…ahora no…la vida es así de injusta…no te desesperes…abre hasta 50…o menos cofres al dia y obtendras algunos …no mucho pero a mi me funciona…

Sign in heroes can only be obtained from either signing in or bought from the store. They’re not in chests until after the month is over.

Sign in hero shards can be found in the Heroic Chests, after 5am CST (I think, never been any good with time zones) on the first of every month. You’re correct in saying they wouldn’t be available in any of the other chests though (gold, faction, silver…) :blush:

Actually i opened nearly 1000 hero chests and got 6 of the green gremlin guy shards but i got 50 more from from weekly quest rewards to unlock him a few minutes later so guess theres 3 places with the sign in of coutrse included

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