New server? When?

Hey, im a new player who did start play a few days ago (I’m playing another of Perblue’s games) I did start on S11, since its the newest. But as I understand that server is over 150 days old, and thats quite much.
(Its gonna be hard to catch up)
Shouldn’t a new server releases soon?
Thank you, for any answers :slight_smile:

Welcome to the game.
It’s reaching the beginning of the end of its life.

There probably isn’t going to be a new server.

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The good news is that if you’re prepared to spend and are patient enough to wait for decent deal stacks it’s not really that hard to catch up.
A couple $20 stacks used efficiently and it goes really quick

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Yeah it’s the newest server and if u r a F2P player like me it should still be easy on that server, Server 1 is the best server but the most competitive

I must say that this game is very addicting and you’re saying is words that end already that makes no sense seem to me like it’s picking up I’m staying and I will ask I never got the claim deal on once you get a certain level on this game I you can claim a deal and get like a certain amount of like $100 Walmart card or something like that y’all help with that service and I was I have yet to be able to get any compensation for that end I’m still playing a game

How do change servers

Tap your Avatar Icon and select the Accounts Button. From there you can make a new account on a different server or Switch to a different account you have

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