New start time for war?

Is war going to permanently start an hour early? I thought Sunday was a glitch with the time change in N. America but apparently we are now starting prewar at 9am CST instead of 10?


Although I don’t mind the new start time (tbh I don’t really mind anything anymore), I do also wonder when we will have wars starting at the usual time again

Looks like next war will start at 9 am CST again

Where do you see that?


At the top.

It will be matched in 21 hours and a bit.
Then fighting will start 1 hour after that.

Yes there is that I know, but I,cant say I actually trust everything in the game. The Keep still has the timer for extra points, thats an old artifact never removed or disabled.

You asked where she saw that.
That’s where she saw that.

Egad … again. Okay, imma make me some re-eggs to go with this re-hash :joy:

Insults and caps.

Why didn’t we think of this approach?

I actually kind of like the new war start time :slightly_smiling_face:

I hate it

It’s awful :joy:

Why is it awful :thinking:

As I don’t have to plan, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.
The hours difference is negligible.

I love the new war time.
Suits me fine.

Wait… There was a new war time?!

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