New system for obtaining energy, diamonds or torches


I think you could create a system of challenges, with different levels of difficulty, daily, weekly and monthly, with extra energy rewards, torches or diamonds or even tickets. In this way you would get the players to spend more time in your game and could grow faster while still benefiting the paid players. I do not mean a contest, but a kind of challenge, for example complete the 100% explored of 30 floors endless dungeon, and prize 100 torches. Kill 100 princesses and reward, 20 energy…

You could also put on hero rewards xp

@Ironangel @Etesian @Helios @Sticker_Warchief What is your opinion?


You didnt ask for my opinion. So im not telling you what I think :stuck_out_tongue:


It is difficult for me to name, but I want the opinion of all, of you also friend.:joy::joy::joy::joy:


For sure. Monthly challange that gives EXPERIENCE. It can be unlocked/obtained only once a month.

But i hade hard time thinking of a contest. Other than vote up my posts once a day for a month.

Maybe “gear up hero XX” to YY to get free experience.

This should only benefit those who have been slacking behind. I dont think the top 10% need a carrot. We need to make people follow once things heat during cap increses.

Im not sure. But I have my stacks of gems already. Lol


That sounds like it could help. I’ve only been playing for a little while, so I’m still learning. But, y’all teach me alot. I try to read everything I can. Some things I don’t know about, but I’ll learn if I’m allowed to play again.


I wasn’t sure at first (which is why I waited this long before replying) but when I started thinking of it as a missions system, I started thinking it could be a very good idea.

This would be my implementation:
Basically, you get 3 missions slots, and an available missions list with 3 missions on it, that refreshes once a day. If you have an empty slot, you can choose one of the three missions for that slot and it becomes active. It can’t be chosen again.

These would be things you always do, to prevent it from being too demanding, but at the same time, requiring people to be active (attack three times in fortress) as there could be a time limit.

I agree with :goat: that not all players need this. However, you can’t just prevent paying players from getting a feature (for obvious reasons). So, I suggest a cap of accepting 1 mission a day, at most, so paying players who complete missions much faster don’t get thrice as much rewards.

This was just an example, but if it’s implemented with these features:

  • A cap on how many missions you can complete in a period of time, so F2P can get the same as P2W by being active,
  • A limit on how many missions you can run at the same time, to avoid this becoming yet another very demanding feature,
  • Rewards scaling with TL, meaning amounts of stuff don’t become useless,
  • Rewards F2P players actually need, so NOT feral brute shards, but mostly hero XP;

It could be very good, in my opinion.


That sounds like a great idea to me. Being a player that that uses every option possible for xp. I try hard to keep all heroes the same level. Impossible when you have 30 heroes and you have to at least keep ya fav 10/15 strong for battle.


@Helios you complement incredibly well the idea, thanks for contributing your point of view, for me it is not easy to contribute in this forum, Mainly because of the language, since my English is very basic, but I have many ideas in my head. I hope you could propose a similar idea in the discussion room of the chat and go ahead, it would be beneficial for everyone.

I also appreciate your contribution to all those who have lost time in my post.