New Toons: Turtle & Penguin


Anyone have any feedback on the new turtle and/or penguin?


I like the turtle


Penguin is a sign in hero.
Only hackers and per blue have them yet.
Haven’t even seen the penguin in dungeon tbf.

So really anyone that gives you advice about the penguin… I wouldn’t trust.

Turtle is hiding from me in the gold chests so far.
But sparring against them can be challenging of you let the energy build enough.
I could imagine they would be interesting in front of an energy tower in war.

Jury still out, but certainly one to watch.


That doesn’t surprise me for some reason. Lol


To be fair…

I like turtles.


S3 got a 50 penguin shard buy this am. Also i seen it in epic dungeon as a boss 4 or 5 times


I appreciate how nobody is calling penguin or turtle samurai by their in-game names.


I appreciate how the magistrate didn’t actually give any feedback on the new hero.


I haven’t used him yet. Only 2 stars. No skills done yet. In dungeon I killed him too quick to make any judgement. You stated in your previous post that only hackers had him or devs. I said there was a deal up for him in s3.


I appreciate appreciation


Turtle and penguin i think are gonna be pretty sweet. Only 4 star turtle and 3 star penguin atm so hard to tell


I appreciate the appreciation in appreciation.


I appreciate the appreciation…

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