New War is Coming!

We’re going to release New War on all servers starting October 1. The current version of war will be retired.

The current war seasons end on the following dates:

  • Server 8: September 11
  • Sever 9: September 25
  • Server 10: September 25
  • Server 11: September 25

We will be extending the current war on Server 8, and it will end on September 25. That should give guilds some time to rest and relax before New War begins.

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When can expect this to change

Maybe I missed it, but is there some type of new war information?

Click the “New War” link in the original post.
It will take you to the event rollout announcement

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:sob::sob::sob: I was in the middle of a timed Portal Lord Quest will the time pause during the down time?

No… You’ll fail the quest

I know I failed. It sucks they shut it down but don’t stop the time. And unfortunately I am doimg one again right now and it’s down again. Sucks to be me :sob::sob::sob:

Sorry, what do you mean down again? Servers have not been restarted and all Shards are accessible

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Ooooohhh… I just skimmed the first 2 pictures and it looked the same so I thought it was the old war. At a closer glance I see it. Thank you!

What has happened about extendimg tje wsr season on S8. Nothing has changed.

So the war season isnt ending in two days, we are just getting a break and then warring for another week and a half? I’m on S8

The season is being extended. We need to do a server restart this afternoon to make that happen.

When exactly is this rolling out? We’re now 30 minutes away from the first war of the new season on S9, and we’re queued up for old war right now.

The system is set up to switch to new war when matchmaking happens. Everyone is set to start new war today.

With no perks

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So the new war thread is outdated, would be nice to see a new overview with the improvements made.

What a hot mess. Oh and then I got a “sorry for the screw up gift.” Sorry not good enough because you had months to figure it all out.

So we no longer recieve awards like war tokens, diamonds and gift packs? And we don’t generate attack points?

I fined that if you jone a gild they will preference the ones that have a click with I am in a war now and I won one fight and lost the second fight now I have to wate to see if I get a donation of points to fight and we have lost 2 towers but we are up against a good God haha