New War Matchmaking

We’ve been paired twice now with matches outside our current Tier which made sense the first time as there was an odd number of guilds queued.
This second time though we’ve pulled a guild that we Just fought for a second match and it’s also the same guild we pulled on our other out of tier pairing. Also this time there is not an odd number of guilds in our tier. In the ss below you can see that two Tier 1 guilds have been matched with Challenger guilds. Shouldn’t the Challenger guilds have been matched together (and same for the Tier 1s)?

I get that it will take some time before crown counts more accurately reflect guild strength and in the mean time matchups will be skewed but it seems odd to me to pull out of tier when there are in tier options and especially odd to get the same guild twice both times out of tier.

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I’ve seen a tier 4 guild fighting one in challenger… I was wondering the same thing

They’re in the process of addressing the matchup issues.

Currently it’s mainly crown based , so finds people with a similar number of crowns , like the old war did.
Tiers are much less important.

This situation was massively affected in S4, where the joining S7 guilds hadn’t played the new war for a season, so were all automatically started with 0 crowns, while existing S4 guilds had already gained a season worth, and been halved like always.

What @Pixie_Mici is trying to say is her guild was able to breeze into challenger without ever having faced a top 5 guild. Not bad considering there’s only 4 wars left for the season. Definitely somewhat of an oversight by Pb.

We just rode the wave to the top.


Myth in 3 wars out of 4.
Ah ****, here we go again :wink:

So I get using crown counts to refine the matchups but if Tiers aren’t being used at all, what purpose to they serve?


Well we are the 2nd guild with the most crowns. So I guess we do :grin:

*3rd most crowns :wink::grin: @Dewee

Now yes @Punk_Monk :sweat_smile: But you get my point. But being 3rd might be better. More chance to get a different opponent :crossed_fingers:

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Hey, maybe us?

If we don’t land empire of god’s.

I was the one riding that wave so maybe you were actually riding something else.

I just thought it made a cool example for my metaphor.

Odds are the wave we are on will come crashing down on us, now we actually have a sensible amount of crowns.

Guess we will see :slight_smile:

You might say that the sun may be setting on our unbeaten streak, but would that be considered stalking? @Wolvezz :wink:

War just doesn’t seem as fun when you’re facing the same 3 opponents over and over. 1/3 of our wars this season have been against the same guild. Don’t get me wrong I like the new war system but this is the second season in a row that’s been tainted by some major issues and it just doesn’t seem like we’re much of a priority given that war is probably the only thing keeping ppl playing.

I have to agree that they seem to be taking a while to readjust the matching systems.

Even factoring in starting the new guilds on zero, the matching seems… Broken.

I appreciate that fixing the “error has occurred” costing war hits to not count needed doing first.

Hopefully next season will be a lot more competitive and a lot less repetitive

Speaking of which, wonder who we will get in an hour.
Tiniest sliver of a chance that it might be you.

I effing hope not! :wink:

If there’s parity among top guilds (I’m not sure that there is), facing the same opponents could be interesting.

It’s not. Especially when they’re better than you :rage:

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