New War setup s11 issues

I dont know bout this war set up but we finished all towers and keep but it’s not over. Is there something wrong maybe a glitch?

The New War ends when the Timer runs out instead of when the Keep falls. When the timer runs out the winner is decided by points or by tie breakers if points are even.

That’s dumb. So even though we wiped out their entire towers they can still have the oppurtunity to win?


In your situation no they cannot win. Even if they take all your towers and even the points you’d still win the tie breaker since you made finished the last successful attack first

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So it’s like whoever has the most lines loses

But if they complete everything n we had more lines they win cause of points adding extra lines is giving them more points. While they can line up 2-4 lines n though we destroyed everything first they can still win

Also no, the first tie breaker is who defeated the highest percentage of line-ups set. So the fewer lines you have set the more impact occurs when they are defeated. Defeating a line gives 0 points. You need to take the tower to gain them

I like the old way better.


War is over once the time out :wink:

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