"Next 3 wells will be instantly identified"


I think the shrine option :

“Next 3 wells will be instantly identified”

Should change to :

“Next 3 unknown wells will be instantly identified”

Because it is quite annoying to waste these on wells we already know

Endless Dungeon well effect

It used to be like that but they changed it for some reason. I do think it should be changed back.


It would also be nice if they had a list in your dungeon log that showed what wells you have already found and what they are.


Been thinking the same… problem is that there is not that many wells and you would practically know all wells to fast… maybe they should just remove it…


Why don’t you just drink it, see the buff/debuff it gives. And if it is something you don’t want, don’t click “Okey” just close the app. If you restart the app the well will be unknown again. But since you know already what’s in it, you can skip it.


But that is called an exploit, so shhhh…Don’t be getting yourself into trouble.


It could turn out to be the mixing one that muddles them up again and making them unknown
…Which is very annoying if you already know some of the colours


Then you did it wrong.
You don’t accept what ever is on the well. Therefore nothing can be mixed.


It would be amazing if they would change the Epic shrine blessings to stop offering wells every single time. The epic dungeon shrine rewards are generally not good at all.


@Ironangel could this be considered being applied? :slightly_smiling_face: