Next ascension will be Princess Portal

Makes sense because she’s one if the oldest meta toons and we just got twelve billion fronts, so I don’t think it will be a front.

Scarred and Ice will ascend in the near future too

Makes sense, but I’ll wait for per blue.

I wouldn’t mind this, but I want hex witch or spell Binder first…


HEX WITCH!! :woman_mage:


Yes would really like to see spell binder

Hex witch. Ginger beard. Spell Binder.
Runners up: Storm wizard. Knight Errant.

I said that three weeks ago.

So far I’m one for three in my top picks :wink:

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Spell Binder. Princess Portal. Ice Berg. Scarred Brawler. Fox. Storm Wizard. Rogue.

Is this Guess Who, or Bingo?

I don’t know whether I need to ask:
Does the next ascension hero have a hat??

Orrrrrr try to make a line…

(So far, we still need a back hero to do that at all, per blue!)

P.s. fox and mass would be awesome too.
All these OG meta heroes that got ruined by scaling factors.

Then epic skills that just weren’t epic enough…

Is the next ascension hero an anthropomorphic representation of a volcano??

(I never thought I would ever utter that sentence!)


Please make Lampy ascendable and usable in Fortress and Arena

I’d be down for a Princess Portal Ascension

Finally lost my regular status lol

I blame Bob

I blame Per Blue for driving most free to plays and low spenders away with a ridiculous merge.

Finding a new post is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Also Mici isn’t regular anymore :scream::scream:

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Damn who else is there :eyes:

I don’t get to be regular very often…

Pesky community guidelines…

The comment deemed inappropriate was “yay, an unfunny comic” :joy:

… increased fiber and fluid intake, and regular exercise will help maintain regularity…

How upgrade the star from hero? I don’t understand the English very well :pensive:

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