Next contest 18/1/19


Anyone knows/ think they know what the next contest will be?


Theres an update for s1 next weeks so stamina and diamonds i believe. Its silly though because since the last cap raise we have not had any team contests


Elder Mohawk Crusade


Come back Wiz ;(
Find a new guild to rep

Anti flag stuff
Yeah probably stamina contest :slight_smile:


That was two weeks ago

Gold and experience contest


Still predicting a guild dungeon contest. Which saves gold/xp and stam/diamonds for the following two weekends after s1 raise


I see your logic.
But they rarely if ever do stam / diamond followed directly by gold / experience.

They like to give us non whales a rest between them


All good guesses. Individual or guild? I say guild. An earn contest or spend?


Game is being boring at this level. No enough diamond to spend on context or anywhere else in game.


Maybe a guild oriented contest…


Maybe a gold and experience contest?
If only someone had predicted this.

Hang on a minute …



Are you a secret employee?! Lol.


It’s not exactly a secret at this point.


Lol. I wish they paid me to play this game.
Even in free stacked deals

I am so far behind on S4 now.

Don’t get me wrong…
I’m still helpful in war :wink:

I do wonder what opponent team thinks when they look back in war logs!


New to the game, been playing a couple weeks. I’ve realized that I’ve spent resources I could’ve stored for the couple contests I’ve seen so far. So, my question is, Can someone let me what contest types there are so I know what I can use and what I should store? So far, the 2 I’ve seen have been a purple scraps contest and thus gold/energy contest that just ended.

Thanks in advance


Stamina and diamonds
Dungeon contest (open chests / kill bosses / clear floors)
That’s pretty much it.

Ages ago they once did crusade contests where you got points for using specific heroes

But you can’t spend money to do better in that, so they stopped doing it

Legends speak of a token collection contest
People hoard their mailboxes for years, hoping to win that one.
Yet it has never come to pass…


So I should be good to open my x10 gold chests and hero aspect chests then?


Who would ever do something so silly? :grin:


If have all heros … Nope hoard them … If don’t have all heros sure why not :wink:
I never use them unless there are 3+ heros I need shards and to unlock
Any less then that is wasted chests


I would wait in case contest is scrap collection tomorrow.
Either way, I will be opening my focus ones on S1 as theres two focus heroes to build