No ascension shards for dragon heir in gold chestd

Opened some 2500 damage gold chest and got 330 ascension shards for panther but zero for dragon heir. Then 3000 fury gold chests and got zero ascension shards for Heir again. Something wrong?

Open silver hero chests

Dragon heir is exclusive to boss dungeon and not in gold chests; therefore his ascension shards are not there either. Nor are they in elite campaign. It would make sense if they dropped in boss dungeon, but alas, making sense isn’t the priority. Therefore heroic chests are the only place to get them. Hope you have a bunch :wink:

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At least I don’t have to run the boss dungeon over and over lol

I picked the right week to stop caring about my #1 spot :wink:

I have to say - hell of a job by the developers. Well done… :clap:

They fixed it with the maintenance today. Boss dungeon gives asvension shards now.

Typical Per Blue. Again.

See other post. I’d include a link to it, but that would involve more effor… Oh! Wait!
This apathy is infectious!
Save yourselves!

(Unless you can’t be bothered to…)

Sorry, I was off yesterday! This issue was not caused by the war scheduling changing.

I know, but it was a fun highly amusing coincidence that it happened on that day.

Plus, the totally avoidable situation of no free to play way to earn Dragon Heir ascension shards may have coloured my approach :wink:

Hang on a minute… Which issue are you answering here, in this ascension shards thread?

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