No explosion of cigs epic skill?


Anyone noticed that before?
I had it on brute not exploding.


Epic brute steals cogs attack and can take the explosion down to next to nothing - just had a discussion in guild about the same phenomenon!


Is this a bug or a feature? Sounds brilliant :o


We had that against other heroes as well


By design I believe, his epic skill is pretty ace, as is Cogs!


Seen it facing another Cog too, with an allied Oasis, which happened to bubble opponent Cog, and no damage was done. Maybe it’s about some weird timing of skills other than white ones?


Timing would make appropriate sense for sure. Either way, sounds “epic”.


I need to correct myself. It was with brute

And yes that bubble oasis thing makes sense. That’s not a bug. But brute is, or is there any reason he should be different?