No shows that are attached in good guild war. What do I do as Commander?


As we are all aware guild war is taking place as we speak. I have a few guild members that have been a no show to the war that are assigned towers and thus attack points. While I understand as the Commander of the Winners Circle that people have lives and thus can’t attend at all times, at what point is it too far. I’m about to kick a few members of the guild for not showing and most likely causing us the war. At this point in the war if even one of the four no shows actually participated at this very moment we could take a definite win in the war, being they all have 20+ attack points that they are just camping on and I as Commander can do absolutely nothing about it, But sit back and watch us all die. If am to kick the members, as you know they will remain in their towers until the war is over. What I was wanting to know is can I after kicking them gain control of said members as commander to ensure there play if attack points and thus ensuring all other members and myself won’t end up going out looking to curse a mofo out. If so, how? If not why not? I feel that if this occures and our guild is forced to keep the traitors then we, or even just the Commander should be aloud to use thier attack points, or take control of that members team for the remainder of the guild war and only inside the guild war. What say you?


You want to kick the players.
But still use their points.


Why not just create 40 accounts and run them all?
Then you will be able to control the war! :slight_smile:

Better yet ask for a button that runs the war automatically for you, then we can all stop playing this silly game.


Have you actually talked with these members, let them know what the problem is? It doesn’t sound like it. I’d say let them know what the problem is without jumping all over them. Give them a chance to do better, and if they persist in no-showing, be ready to replace them.


There is no way to talk to them. They are new members who just came to the for the d*mn Vebux or whatever they are called and got into a hole thinking they would probably stick around but decided they would go back to their robux and never to be heard from again in portal. I cannot contact because either, 1 they are not on to contact, or 2. not responding either because they haven’t mastered reading and social constructs yet. Or they they just rather attempt dating cartoon faces in a chat box. Keep in mind in dealing with low level players as I am one myself.


Kick them and recruit better.

Never set your guild level at 10 lol.


I’m still learning. Lol . But that’s where my question came In. Can I use their attack points whole they are still attached to my bases. While I’m the war. Because I have kicked them. But while the war is going even though kicked they still remain attached to the base until the end of the war


Sadly not.
Just their defences.

They will disappear at the end of war, so make sure to tweak your map before the next one :slight_smile:


Nope, you can’t use their AP unless they donate them to the bank. If they’re not communicating and not playing the game–especially if you see that they havem’t even logged in for days–I don’t see any problem with kicking them, as they’re just taking up space in your guild without contributing anything.


@Pixie_Mici I have a question. I have my own guild because our leader became inactive so I’m still learning a lot. If I make the guild application only, how/where can I review any applications that come in?


They’ll apply to your guild which will then posts their application on your guild chat where you can accept/reject them, even add them first to talk to them etc.


Pretty much what pox said.

I would always friend request anyone who applies and chat about what you expect from them, and what your guild offers in return.

But to be fair, I set my guilds to open, and friend request once they’ve joined. But my guilds are not super competitive.

Do you use a chat app in your guild?
One other option is post your line / discord id in your guild motto, and ask people to message you there