No War Rewards, Hmmmmm!

As the Screenshot plainly states, the lack of War Rewards is definitely visible.


Anyone have a probable answer other than a " Bug Issue " ?

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I blame Bob.
Does that count?

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Maybe because it’s challenger Vs challenger , they hide the rewards so you don’t know what the opponent is getting…? :wink:

We’ve got a fix for this but we don’t want to do the server update just before war end tomorrow morning. We know this is a competitive time. That means, players who have missed rewards already, will miss rewards again tomorrow. We’re going to do the patch Tuesday after 11AM CT. We’ll be sending everyone affected a comp package to cover the rewards that were missed once the patch is verified.


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As you say, issue had been resolved.

So… Why not? :wink:

I mean, we were affected too

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Guess I can delete line now :frowning:

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