Noob here. How do you re-heal?


I wasn’t paying attention to health. I killed all 10 of my guy’s, now I just dumbfounded on how to respond heal them


Where? In the Dungeon? You can either reset the Dungeon from Floor 1, or pay diamonds to revive them.


Maybe in crusade… You can’t heal them once they are dead


Fortress?, you can’t heal dead heroes in fortress


I’m on floor 7, in the endless side. It says I’m out of resets (I never used a reset in the dungeon portion of this great game) I have been playing for 2 maybe 3 days and spent more money on diamonds, then I have play clash of clans in the last 2 years :frowning: :laughing:


You can reset once a day :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for the replies and knowledge, it’s really appreciated.



Also, you probably want to have a healer like Storm wizard or Sparkling Pony (pony is better) on your team, they will keep you alive much longer in the dungeon. If not any hero with the “excess bandages” or other skills that heal can be useful. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the extra knowledge, I was wondering what the pony did. Lol