Noob in the arena


Hey all.

I’ve been playing for a few weeks and am still not too sure what I’m doing. I do know that I have been having a heck of a time with the arena. How am I to compete with those that have so much higher power than I do? I’m sad to get messages all the time that I’ve been beaten! Haha!

I’m not going to pay for coins and stuff. I’m just playing daily with the free features and upgrading my team that way.

I’m currently Silver V w/ 7400 power.

Any tips?



First thing, don’t look at power. It is only a small factor in determining who will win. Good matchups trump power most of the time. Focus on getting good starting heroes up early. Your back at beginning should be hex, princess, and hermit most likely. Front of ginger and cog or something. Not sure who you have to choose from on new server. Focus on leveling and full gear for them and get star level up as you can. You will move up in no time.


Keep on keepin on, is what Joe Dirt always said!:sunglasses: