Not so Mass Destruction

So anscention is a bit of a disappointment so far - and the amount of increased levels and assences do not seem to do enough to actually make the new old toons compatable.
Is it perhaps an idea to actually balance the older toons that now are anscended just a little bit?

As for Mass Destruction - both skills below remain utterly useless - after the ressurect a good aimed spit will still kill and a 70.000 dmg mass explotions must feel like a breath of fresh air to toons with 41.000.000 life

I feel like he was ascended just to be an endless enemy again …
Binder combats him in there and theyve bolstered him a smidge just to make it level pegged again with her

Skill balance isnt a perblue specialty :rofl:

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Ohhhh the days of having to possess mass before he exploded and killed your entire endless team lol.


oh man I hated those days. lol

As I said in other threads, flawed heroes will always be flawed no matter how much power or health you give them. Once you add 120+ other heroes, the lure of greed makes these developers overpower newer heroes and grant them desirable skills.

These old characters were left behind and likely never will be relevant again.

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