Not sure what going on with gifting in guild

This weekend, was trying to gift a package deal to our leader on the specials they were having. Now my leader did not receive this deal or buy it but it said the could not recieve it. I could send it to anybody else but them.

I just tried again on another deal and the first one was good but the 2nd one said unable like night before.

Is there a new limit being impossed I missed? I would like to know because I do help others out on these deals when they come up.

You can gift someone only once a specific deal

That’s the strange part. Last night had not even done it once and it prevented me. Today different one it allowed it 1 time. Just not sure why last night

Maybe someone else already gifted the deal to him? Or is that not a limit?

Found out there is a limit no matter who sends it. But strange part is they did not get any deals from anyone else and did not get it themselves. Just another glitch that is gone bye

PB is being your fiscal watchdog? Maybe just be glad from the sound of it :laughing:

If it is a one time deal and they already purchased it you wont be able to gift them that deal.

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