November Sign-In Heroes & Shop Rotations

November Sign-In Heroes and Shop Rotations!

In this update we have the November Sign-In Heroes and Shop Rotations! Plus, we’re making some minor adjustments to war for the November season!

New Hero - Frost Biter!

Despite Frost Biter’s appearance, he’s one of the nicest yetis you’ll ever meet. Why, just last week he demolished a few huts, free of charge. And when he came across a farmer complaining about their poor crops, he pulled all the vegetables from the ground and ate them so the farmer wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

Frost Biter is a Front-Line Tank Finesse Hero who will be available as the Sign-In Hero on Server 1.


Swing For The Fences
Active: Frost Biter swings his club in a large arc, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and Slowing them.

Passive: Frost Biter converts a percent of the damage he deals into a shield that lasts for a few seconds. The shield’s duration gets reset each time he deals damage.

Resists being Stunned, Slowed, Immobilized, and being put to Sleep.

Welcome To The Club
Frost Biter slams his club down on the closest enemy, dealing damage and knocking them back.

When this Hero reaches 0 health for the first time it begins to Rampage. It regains a percent of its Max Health and reduces incoming damage, it also gains Rage and its basic attacks deal additional damage. This hero will continue to Rampage for the rest of the wave or until it reaches 0 health again, at which point it dies as normal.

Epic Gear

This weapon was forged deep in the magical yeti ice mines.

Welcome To The Club deals extra damage, it also consumes any shields on Frost Biter and deals a percent of the shield’s health as bonus damage.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

New Heroes

  • Frost Biter will be the November Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Bouncing Basher and Panther Stalker will replace Valkyrie and Wander Woman in the Arena Shop
  • Flint Lock and Old Alchemist will replace Drama Llama and Serpent King in the Crusade Shop
  • Exiled Empress and Sizzle Phoenix will replace Tubby Traveller and Hare Raiser in the Fortress Shop
  • Green Bandit and Void Caster will replace Exiled Empress and The Birdbarian in the Guild War Shop
  • Macabre Medic and Grizzled Hunter will replace Green Bandit and Stone Guardian in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 8

  • Chapter 27: Greecy Does It
  • Max Team Level 170
  • Red +6 Gear Rarity

New Heroes

Existing Heroes

  • Sprout Phoenix and Oasis Guardian will replace Pesky Pixie and The Birdbarian in the Arena Shop
  • Pesky Pixie and Sizzle Phoenix will replace Ancient Siren and Grizzled Hunter in the Crusade Shop
  • Shiny Spiny and Brutal Axe will replace Sprout Phoenix and Forgotten Champion in the Fortress Shop
  • Soul Phoenix and Crystal Cleric will replace Jelly Cube and Dragoon in the Guild War Shop
  • Crimson Cultist and Storm Wizard will replace Crystal Cleric and Skull Buster in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 10

  • Chapter 17: Just Deserts
  • Max Team Level 120
  • Orange +5 Gear Rarity
  • 3rd Epic Crystal

New Heroes

Existing Heroes:

  • Forgotten Champion and Light Warden will replace Tempest and Highwayman in the Arena Shop
  • Lion Knight and Elder Mohawk will replace The Birdbarian and Willow Druid in the Crusade Shop
  • Owl Bear and Princess Portal will replace Salty Merc and Loyal Squire in the Fortress Shop
  • Splash Phoenix and Dragoon will replace Lion Knight and Rogue Bowman in the Guild War Shop
  • Shield Maiden and Serpent King will replace Forgotten Champion and Mystic Punk in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 11

New Heroes

Existing Heroes

  • Whirling Dagger and Rogue Bowman will replace Howling Claw and Swashbuckler in the Arena Shop
  • Elder Mohawk and Warp Mage will replace Totem Prince and Feral Brute in the Crusade Shop
  • Salty Merc and Willow Druid will replace Satyr Fox and Mystic Punk in the Fortress Shop
  • Oasis Guardian and Totem Prince will replace Warp Mage and Hex Witch in the Guild War Shop
  • Noob Hero and Scarred Brawler will replace Salty Merc and Highwayman in the Royal Tournament Shop

Changes to Guild War

Thank you all for the feedback on War throughout the October season. It has been invaluable to hear so many different viewpoints on the forums and Discord from players across all the servers. We understand that War is a very important part of the game and want to make sure that it’s working the best it can for as many players as possible.

We’ve decided that clearing the enemy’s battlefield should be a competitive goal for Guilds to strive for and we want to keep this in the game. For the November season of War we will be reverting all of the changes to Attack Credit costs for Towers back to the following values:

  • Tier 1 Towers cost 1AC
  • Tier 2 Towers cost 1 AC
  • Tier 3 Towers cost 2 AC
  • Mage Towers and Keep cost 3 AC

We’ll also be adjusting some of the current Guild Perks for the November season to make sure that Guilds will always have the chance to clear their opponent’s battlefield when matched against another Guild of similar level.

  • Level 4 Guilds will now be able to store a maximum of 3 million Guild Influence
  • The required Guild Level for the +3 bonus starting Attack Credits has been lowered to Guild Level 4 from Guild Level 6.

Additionally, we’ve been working through different options to reward Guilds for being more accurate with their War attacks. One of these adjustments will be launched in the 3.14 client release. Once the entire enemy battlefield has been defeated, any leftover Attack Credits on Guild members or in the Guild Bank will be added to your Guild’s overall score. This will reward Guilds for making their attacks count and should also alleviate some of the time pressure felt during competitive Wars. You can expect to see this change in the game by November 7th at the earliest.

We feel these changes are a step in the right direction for the future of War in Portal Quest and we look forward to hearing more of your feedback to help make War better for everyone.

Other Improvements

  • Improved cost rates for a few items and resources in the Diamond Shop
  • Improved Weekly Quest Rewards

Polaris I think I love you now , our children will be so adorable. Thank you so much, very much needed changes an ones I’m so happy to be playing with

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I’m just confused…

It appeared to be such an obvious move, to over shoot, and then “compromising” and end up somewhere in the middle of the two systems.

To just go back to how it was before, but with an added bonus for the totally maxed whale guilds, whose ability to build six / seven / eight fully powered hero lines , reducing the need to ever refresh any heroes , and being able to finish the entire board without ever having to spend 2 credits to bring back a hero…

Spend money, win wars.


Wow! And this was all you could come up with to help with war issues? Seriously? So the more you spend the more you win? Why not make it fair and have the war members just go back to generating points? Problem solved…

I’m overjoyed. I can attack more!! Wonderful. Mici does, as always, have a point though. You are making it easier who whales

However, you will never be able to please everyone, and the whales keep you alive - it’s only fair that you keep them on your side. PB gotta get paid you know

Expand… More torches for our diamonds? Please? I know a few people who could really use that

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Agree, more stam packs or lower cost is good . Also a double or triple trials would be very well accepted for alot of the f2p an I’m sure p2p alike . Hook us up Polaris? A bit of topic too but … is there any changes to tower xp/gold planned to be in line an match the trials drops? An i was told a while back you had some changes planned to the guild shop.can you confirm this an if so any details as to what an when please?

Agreed, tower and guild shop need change.
As a f2p i’m able to maintain enough stamina and do contests, which is very good.

Keep releasing the 5£ gift you guild bargain buys too :wink:


Oh yeah they’re amazing . A very good use of spenders being able to help their fellow guildies. More of those pwetty pwease . An yes likewise I’m now f2p on 2 of the 3 accounts ,used to spend on 2 but have no need to on the 1 anymore . But the 1 I’m spending on is a struggle to even catch up . I made a very wise (dumb) decision to recently start an account on s1 . I love the server am the player base there but being relevant or playing catchup however you want to put it is extremely difficult . I respect that the more long term players don’t have the same issues as their accounts are established now . …But I do believe that my struggles now are shared with those that are f2p and also that new players should be able to start up on an old server as helps keep the game alive with new players on all servers

Maybe perhaps it can be possible to send things to other guild members from your inventory. So it diesnt get abused maybe a daily cap limit that resets like everything else

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Excellent!!! Thanks for changing it back

Great job Perblue!!!