Nudge button to guild member



Would it be possible to add a nudge button when selecting a guild member. Which takes you to the options: please read wall; please read guild wall; please read war wall; and if a leader: please read leader wall. Which will pop that message up on the screen of the player you clicked on.

It would be really handy instead of adding everyone as friends.

Cheers for a great game.


Or simply always allow guild members to message each other, without having to be friends.


I thought that too but as the coding is there for the friend button with a pop up on screen notification already. It would be really simple to add a nudge button and on screen notification and it would be really affective when members are online.

It could just say please read the walls which would simplify the coding even more.


This has been mentioned Guild Private Messages in fact you and me both commented on it


Thanks. That’s exactly what I was wondering.