Oasis - from the depth of dungeons


This isnt a bug report or a nerf post.
It is more like a story of the madness surrounding Oasis.

He was on the enemy defences at crusade 5-3. I reached that stage without loosing any hero.

Oasis applied his/her madness skill “Statis Bubble” seconds before dying as the last defender for my dear 400 crusade token chest. As mad as he is, he decided to jail my poor Howling Claw -my prime choice for crusade flipping…

The battle ends. My Howling is floating in the air and wave healing is applied without affecting poor Howlo… Seconds later the bubble breaks and my Howling falls to his death. Crushed by the madness of Oasis.

My conclusion is simple, Oasis is from the depths of hell, from the deepest dungeon and his blue akin is just an illusion… I think Oasis is made of lava. Recolored by the dungeon lord to win our minds and hearts… But in reality he will turn havoc on Portal Quest.

Ancient legends say that Oasis will eventually be found as a rare dungeon boss. Tossing heroes to their deaths in the deep, deep dungeons floors.



So in other words let’s nerf Oasis (which I completely agree with doing he’s OP even at low stars).


The only reason why I disagree is because I’m one of the people using him to win :stuck_out_tongue:

Even though I am broke and the level cap killed me :frowning:

But yeah he is pretty powerful so I’m slightly hoping that they’ll ignore him like scarred brawler so he has a chance to enjoy the spotlight for a couple months


I use him on my B account. Dont have him on the main… So he is still a nightmare for me, yet :stuck_out_tongue:


His skills are annoying and yes, even at low levels work, which is garbage. Along with the fact he also knocks spell off her game with steals. Stasis bubble lasts way too long. I have him fully leveled and I still agree he needs nerfed.