Obtaining XP in large amounts

Having a hell of a time getting enough XP to upgrade. I can sell items for Gold, but no place to sell crap for XP. Suggestions? (Besides going thru stamina like crazy). Where are those large XP bottles to buy?

Those xp bottles aren’t happening. I’ve mentioned time after time to increase the value of xp in endless but it’s like talking to a, brick wall.


& I definitely agree with the amount of xp in honor trials… but the tower? With the only purpose of it being for xp… doesn’t even exceed 100k… amazing .

I think that tower is aimed at lower levels. Once you reach a high enough level you use honour trials instead

Oyyy…now I feel bad for the tons of excess XP I have ( one of only itens it’s true of, with gold second ) wish I could shift you some

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